The Tee

The T-Shirt is a modern-day staple apparel. Its simplicity has allowed this garment to be adopted across the world. Different colours and designs each with its own purpose, it is a universal item of clothing whose value we feel is not appreciated enough. This week, we'll talk about the historical impact that the t-shirt has had.

The first T-shirts were made in the late 19th century. But not an individual piece of apparel, instead they were cut from jumpsuits. Jumpsuits worn by workers would become uncomfortable, so it was common for the arms to be torn off, to make them more comfortable for the summer months as well as cutting the jumpsuit in half which eventually formed the basis of the modern day t-shirt.

Manufactured T-Shirts did not make an appearance till 1913, when the American government began issuing them as standard undershirts.

It was only in 1950 that Marlon Brando (Of Godfather fame), wore a T-Shirt for the film, A Streetcar Named Desire. Previously, it was considered “unacceptable” to wear a T-Shirt as a garment, however this movie is rightly credited as changing public perception of the T-Shirt as an acceptable cloth to wear for a general purpose. 

Since the change in public perception, T-Shirts have changed dynamically. They are worn by people of all age groups across all identities. The greatest revolution in T-Shirt designing came from the invention of graphic art printing. Once designs of any shape and form could be printed, the diversity in designs exploded. T-Shirts were no longer relegated to being just garments, like an easel they were now a means for anyone to project any aspect of their lives, from their ideas to their personality, T-shirts boomed in popularity and sales.

Today, T-Shirts are one of, if not the most common apparel in streetwear and general fashion. Our long-time followers will know that Plair started with T-Shirts. Since our inception, we have expanded into other apparel, but T-shirts are an integral part of our identity and is the reason we are where we are right now! At Plair we aim to keep innovating on this deceptively simple garment to ensure that every customer possesses a T-Shirt that reflects on their identity perfectly. And apply the same principles when designing future streetwear pieces.

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