Plair Weekly

  • Colours and You: What the colours you wear say about you.

    What we wear and the colours that we chose can tell you a lot about your personality. Colours are the most outspoken aspect of non-verbal communication, apart from your body language. The very colour that we wear can affect how those around us perceive us as well as how we perceive ourselves. 
  • The Tee

    The T-Shirt is a modern-day staple apparel. Its simplicity has allowed this garment to be adopted across the world. Different colours and designs each with its own purpose, it is a universal item of clothing whose value we feel is not appreciated enough. This week, we'll talk about the historical impact that the t-shirt has had.
  • The Forgotten art of Indian dyeing

    This weeks blog post aims to enlighten the reader on the 5 most popular Indian dyeing styles. It is possible that you may not have heard of some, o...
  • The Art of Dying.

    Dying clothes to imbue them with a different colour or a pattern is an ancient art. Clothes dating from the first Egyptian civilisation from approximately 4000 years ago...
  • The Global Fashion Industry

    Fashion has always been an integral component of human identity. People are willing to express their personalities and identities by using their clothes as a medium. Business evolved around this, offering people clothes and apparel of various kind so that people could find clothes that perfectly reflected them. 
  • Cotton – The king of fabrics

    This week, we look at Cotton, the king of fabrics, why is it one of the most widely used material for clothing as well as the history behind it.
  • The Tailors of India

    Present in every neighbourhood amongst all walks of life, a tailor has become an integral part of our society and culture. 
  • The Rise of Indian Streetwear Brands

    With the rise of Indian Streetwear brands, we explore a bit about the origins of streetwear and the current scene in India, and of course our take on it.