Colours and You: What the colours you wear say about you.

What we wear and the colours that we chose can tell you a lot about your personality. Colours are the most outspoken aspect of non-verbal communication, apart from your body language. The very colour that we wear can affect how those around us perceive us as well as how we perceive ourselves. 

With the release of our brand-new Tie-Dye Collection, we thought we’d explore colours and their meaning this week.


It is a calming colour, taking after the ocean and sky, it represents level-headedness and is in many ways the opposite of Red. People who tend to wear blue are more rational than others and less instinctive in their reactions. They are fair in their choices affecting both themselves and the people around them. 



People who wear white and lighter colours tend to portray themselves as being in control and confident. Although that is how they appear they can be quite introverted and shy as well. It represents purity and piousness, which means it is also worn by people who are not concerned with their surroundings and are more concerned about internal well-being and their own peace. 



Red is worn by people who wish to be noticed. People who wear red are quite extroverted in their actions and social situations. They are quite confident people and people tend to enjoy their company as they are quite emotional and intense people with great insight into social situations.



Like Red, Yellow is another bright and extroverted colour, yellow is a very jolly colour, people who wear this are more approachable and free-spirited, their company is always appreciated and positive. Unlike Red, yellow is less intense and emotional, and more forgiving.



People who wear pink are compassionate and generally nice and polite socially. They are trendsetters and confident as well. However, unlike other colours, they can be quite ambiguous to infer in terms of their personality.



Wearing green means that the wearer is an outdoor person and spends more time in nature rather than in urban areas, they are very passionate about what they feel strongly towards and tend to act more quickly to do something about their beliefs.  Green is worn by people who wish to spend more time outdoors, rather than with other people or society.


Black is a popular colour because it represents simplicity and boldness. The colour reflects the wearer who prioritise other aspects of life, rather than being socially amicable. Some black coloured clothes are also accessorised with design aspects such as graphic art. This allows the use of black as a canvas for people to project their ideas further. 

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know what your favourite colour is, check out the current collection and see if your colour is available!

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