Cotton – The king of fabrics

Cotton or as it is known scientifically Gossypium is a class of plants that is cultivated commercially on a large, industrial scale. Owing to its nature as a light and porous fabric, it has found its use as a cloth. 

Cotton clothes are the most commonly available clothes. As a plant-based fabric, cotton is much easier to modify aesthetically, it can be painted and stitched on easily; allowing for easy customization based on the consumers requirements. 

Historically, evidence for the use of cotton as a fabric comes from 5500 BC in Pakistan making it one of the oldest known plants cultivated agriculturally.

Cotton as a fabric possesses several properties that make it an ideal cloth. It is lightweight in nature and generally hypoallergenic. It can be stitched and crafted with relative ease and is porosity allows it to “breathe” making it preferable to fabrics such as nylon and rayon, which differ from Cotton only in this.
A common method of measuring the quality of cotton is by assigning it a GSM value. GSM stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter”. It is generally accepted that a higher GSM value means a cloth has higher quality. However, this overlooks several factors. A higher GSM value increases the density of the fabric as well, which reduces its “breathability”. This could make an otherwise comfortable article of clothing, much more cumbersome. 

Synthetics and Semi-Synthetic fabrics are present in the market that have various proportions of synthetic cloth interwoven. This is generally done to provide additional properties to the fabric, such as increased elasticity or durability. There are some drawbacks which include occurrences like shrinking or a lack of comfort. While these fabrics can be used for specialized purposes such as sporting apparel, for streetwear pure cotton is the ideal candidate. 

At Plair, our clothing is delicately measured and balanced to ensure that the clothes suit your needs. Our T-Shirts are made of pure 180 GSM cotton to maximize your comfort without overlooking your style. After carefully assessing various cotton and synthetic mixes, we at Plair have technically designed  our clothing from scratch making sure you get the very best. Who says comfort and looks can’t go together with a little research!


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