The Global Fashion Industry

Fashion has always been an integral component of human identity. People are willing to express their personalities and identities by using their clothes as a medium. Business evolved around this, offering people clothes and apparel of various kind so that people could find clothes that perfectly reflected them. As an industry, it’s estimated that the fashion industry is worth approximately USD $1000.3 Billion Dollars in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD $1041.8 Billion in 2021. The ever-growing nature of the fashion industry, despite the economic ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic shows that people are still expressing themselves through their clothes. 

Fashion and fashion statements have evolved independently across many cultures and time periods. In the 21st century, certain cities have gained a strong cultural identity based entirely around fashion and the industry. Some of these cities are well known as many fashion brands and designers have based their design studios and headquarters in them. These very cities have also become cultural centres, where people from across the world converge to exchange ideas. Milan and Paris are two such cities.
In order to share their ideas and their creativity many fashion brands tend to host fashion shows, where they showcase their concepts through abstract clothing. By innovating on these abstract ideas, other companies and designers are able to design more conventional clothes. These ideas are generally broadcasted via fashion shows. 

Organising and conducting such an event in a fashion cultural hub is considered to be prestigious amongst the fashion social circles. Events are organised by companies but generally feature many smaller designers and creators. These events are generally by sponsored by brands that work in cohesion with the fashion industry, such as make up or accessory brands. It is not uncommon for an event to have a singular title sponsor and have multiple smaller sponsors. 

These fashion shows are generally extravagant events spanning across several days with celebrities and many minor entertainment showcases, and attempts are made to ensure that they are broadcasted to garner as much media attention as possible. Larger and more selective brands tend to emphasise on a vision of luxury and splendour, and they achieve this by maintaining an extremely selective crowd.
By increasing their influence across the spheres of social media through events such as these fashion shows, brands endemic to one country often tend to gain a following in other countries, allowing for larger markets.

The ongoing pandemic has allowed grassroots businesses like Plair to establish themselves using social media platforms. Communicating ideas, such as future plans and design ideas has been further simplified using these platforms and we aim to keep all our readers well updated on our plans for the future.  

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