The Tailors of India

Present in every neighbourhood amongst all walks of life, a tailor has become an integral part of our society and culture. 

Tailors have been the cornerstone of Indian clothing since generations. The purchase of new clothes used to be an arduous task, involving the search of the right fabrics, drawing the fit, getting your size measured and then having the cloth sewn. The task was time consuming, and the final outcome was all on the tailors hands. The experience of the tailor was the most important determinant to estimate what the cloth would be like back in the day, and their work has shaped our modern the day clothing. From sizing to fabrics, their knowledge has helped brands like ours make more informed decisions. 

The presence of a tailor in every community was absolutely necessary back then as well as today, although not apparent. Villages would depend on a few tailors to produce their necessary clothes for the season and at times even longer. The production and maintenance of clothes was handled entirely by tailors, each of them managing an entire community at a time, quite fascinating.

It would not be wrong to say that the Industrial Revolution has affected tailors the most. The invention of the “Spinning Jenny” revolutionised textile production. As technology progressed, clothes could be manufactured on a previously unfathomable scale. The production of clothes on an industrial level, at industrial standards allowed the cost of clothing to decline and the variety to increase, creating the fashion market as we know. This made it more difficult for tailors who now had to compete with industries who could mass produce clothes at scale. Although this revolution may have affected tailors greatly, in one way. Now a days, tailored clothes are still around, however they are sought after and have been largely catered to wealthier people as a way for them to stand out from the crowd. As well as special occasions such as weddings.

Plair works with tailors as well from sampling fabric, to custom sizing and finally the stitching, having a master tailor on our side has helped in making more informed decisions on the quality of our products.

We hope you enjoyed this short read, do take the time to go to your local tailor and appreciate his craft, maybe get a few styling tips. Stay tuned next week for another short read!

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